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In January, 2010 I started a new project RUSSIAN CLASSES OVER SKYPE!


1. Real time Russian language lessons using camera, headphones and microphone.

2. Prices: 

60 minutes

1 lesson:
 16 euros;
10 lessons: 155 euros (3% discount)

90 minutes

1 lesson: 24 euros;
10 lessons: 235 euros (2,4% discount).

The first trial lesson (30 minutes) is free!

3. The duration of the classes is of 60 or 90 minutes.

4. I scan the the newest Russian language materials!

5. I accept students of all levels!

6. Course options:

– Communication (speaking, dialogues, everyday situations)
– General course (grammar, speaking, vocabuary, culture)
– Business course
– Russian in the tourism industry
– Russian for tourists
– Preparation for your trip to Russia

7. I have been working as an online Russian teacher for 7 years now and I have got an official online language tutor’s certificate.

8. You can see some personal recommendations of my students below the post in the Comments Section.

9. Contact for details:

Yulia Amlinskaya,
Director of the Online International Russian language school “Russificate”,
Main Russian teacher.

Russificate. Learn Russian Online and On Skype.


  1. I needed to speak Russian for my work. I was learning with Yulia for a year and believe me that it is possible to speak fluently in some months.

    She really prepares the classes with good material, good explanations and had a lot of patience with me 🙂

    As soon as I get Internet at home I would like to do it again. It is worth to try it!

    Silvia Celigueta (Spain)

  2. I guarantee that your Russian will improve dramatically!
    My Russian was acceptable but I reached a point that I was not seeing any progress. After trying with different teachers without results I met Yulia and my Russian improved dramatically. Probably, the best Russian teacher I ever had.
    Marçal Martí (Barcelona)

  3. Yulia has been my teacher for over a year and I learnt a lot! Classes are very dynamic and interesting as she works with lots of different books and materials. In the General course you won't only learn some grammar but you’ll also practice your speaking, listening and writing!
    Emma (Spain)

  4. I was learning Russian with Yulia for a year, when I was working in the Spanish Embassy in Moscow.

    I have to say that she is a great teacher, I really improved my Russian. She knows exactly which teaching method to choose according to each student’s needs. Her classes were prepared in advance and were very useful; we covered all the aspects of the language and did different activities, so the lessons did not become boring at all. She is very organised and methodical

    I recommend her to all those who want to learn Russian, no matter which their level is

    Isabel (Spain)

  5. I've started to learn Russian on Skype with Yulia as a teacher three years ago and I'm very proud to say that it's worth it!!!

    She is very flexible with your timetable, prepares classes in advance and explains the difficult grammar tasks all over again until you've finally understood them!!!

    Anyway, if you're reluctant to try, just think the first two classes are free!!!

    Enjoy learning Russian!!!

    Elena Lagos (Spain)

  6. I was living in Moscow for a couple of years. For the time being, I made a lot of attempts to improve my Russian along a wide range of teachers, and unfortunately I did not succeed. It was thanks to Yulia I finally made some progress. I am myself a teacher of a foreign language, that´s why I use to be very selective and demanding whenever I try to learn a new language. Yulia fulfilled all my expectations and my requirements. I really liked the method she put into practice, focusing on form without forgetting the meaning and considering the language as a communicative tool.
    Thanks to her nowadays I’m able to express myself in Russian language.
    Raquel Rodríguez, profesora de español E.O.I Alcalá de Henares

  7. I had the pleasure to meet Yulia last year when I started learning Russian and I can assure that she has the qualities that make a teacher successful. She is a hard worker with a good attitude and an outstanding talent in teaching. She prepares really good materials and is very creative and patient. I recommend her highly.

    Juana Verdú

  8. Yulia is a great teacher and I would highly recommend her. Her lessons combine a good balance of the key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking, so you cover and develop all the fundamental aspects of language learning with every lesson.
    The lessons are almost entirely in Russian, which was challenging initially; however, I have found that this immersion in the language prompts faster development as you have to rely on your Russian all the time, rather than switching to your native language for comfort which is all too easy to do.
    Yulia has a lot of patience and has the ability to explain things in a very clear and methodical way. You do not feel afraid to make mistakes or ask questions.
    I hope to use Russian for work in a legal context in the future and I was particularly impressed by the effort which Yulia went to, to find legal resources for me. It really shows that she is willing to go out of her way to help her students and she will listen to you and meet your objectives.

    Ruth Wood

  9. As a professional translator I always try to keep my knowledge of foreign languages up to date. As for Russian, I was immediately enthusiastic when I discovered Yulia's website, so full of useful resources. Now, after only a few Russian online classes with her through Skype, I already notice great improvements and an even better command of the language. I can highly recommend Yulia to anyone wanting to learn Russian or practice it at any level: she is a fully qualified teacher and her teaching standards and methods are excellent.
    Francesco, Italy

  10. Most russian teachers out there claim that they are very excellent teachers with so many years of experience in their bags, but in fact they are only natives with no real teaching background. However, with Yulia, it is a whole new ball game. She's a native russian teacher and she really know how to teach her mother tongue properly. Also, she's completing all her teaching with many excellent exercises, which in my own opinion, help quite a lot to assimilate knowledge.

    I highly recommend her! I wish I would have known her sooner.

    Fred (Canada)

  11. I was struggling to learn Russian on my own when I discovered Yulia's Russian lessons on Skype.
    As a Russian beginner I highly recommend her lessons.
    She keeps a good balance between theory and practice, she uses several different materials yet she keeps the teaching focused to your personal progress. She can adapt the lessons to your particular level and needs.
    She not only is a very qualified and experienced teacher, she has a talent for it!

    Chris, from Switzerland

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